We love to host events at WinenDine—and at our own homes.

We believe that entertaining should be fun for everyone, including the host.

We can make tons of wine and food pairing recommendations, but when you’re hosting friends and family, it comes down to what people like to drink. We make sure there’s a variety for choice: red, white and rose, covering dry, semi-sweet and sweet. People will remember what they liked—and that you were the host with the most for having it there for the drinking.

Who doesn’t love snacking? Have something ready to nibble on when people arrive. We recommend you choose to easy-to-prepare big flavors like cheese and charcuterie boards overflowing with local meats, cheeses, spreads, mustards, conserves, chutneys and crackers.We begin by deciding which wines you want to include in the tasting. Of course, you can serve any wines you like, but it’s fun to choose a theme or select wines that have a feature in common.In consultation with you we consider your guests and the setting: How much they know about wine? What styles do they enjoy? What’s the time of year, and what’s the occasion? Heavy, big reds are great on a cozy evening; white, sparkling and rosé are ideal outdoors and in warm weather.

Finally, the actual wine tasting, or the goal of a wine tasting party is not just to discover new wines you like, but also to start a conversation about wine. To get people talking, we can pass out a wine tasting chart or glossary of tasting terms to help people describe the characteristics they are smelling and tasting. Another fun way to host a wine meet up is with a blind tasting, wherein each bottle is completely concealed during the tasting, so you don’t know its varietal, vintage or producer. We have guests describe the wines by number and ask them to guess what they think the varietal might be. At the end of the tasting, reveal the answers—you may even want to offer a prize to those who guess correctly. Bonus points for guessing the region or year!

If this Wets your whistle or Whet’s your appetite , and you want a piece of the action, get in touch via the link below and we can start planning that event.


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