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Taste: Most champagnes can reasonably be said to possess apple, pear, citrus, cream, vanilla, and nutty notes in their flavor profiles.However, fruitier notes tend to prevail in New World champagnes while their Old World opposites feature creamy, yeasty and nut-like flavors
Style: Each one has its own distinctive style,from Light bodied to full bodied
Description: The bubbles may be described as fine or medium-sized; steady, streaming or moving in groups; light and tiny; fast and furious, or slow and shy. Some whizz through the liquid like shooting stars, whirling and spiralling upwards.Three major characteristic categories contribute to Champagne house styles: yeast flavors, floral/fruit flavors, and the body of the wine. Two of these categories (yeastiness and floral/fruit flavors) offer you valuable information about some of the specific flavors you’ll likely find in the wine.
Food Pairing: Just about anything that’s salty, fried or fishy will pair magically with Champagne. Don’t just use it as an aperitif, try it with the main course as well.