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Taste: aromas of peach, tangerine and honeysuckle, Viognier can also be oak-aged to add a rich creamy taste with hints of vanilla, Apricots, jasmine and violets
Style: It will range in intensity from light and spritzy with a touch of bitterness to bold and creamy.
Description: It is a full-bodied white wine that originated in southern France. Apart from some plantings in the northern Rhône, the attractively perfumed viognier grape had virtually disappeared until it suddenly became trendy in the mid-1980s
Food pairing: Meat: Roasted Chicken, Chicken Curry. Cheese: Fondue, Farmer’s Cheese. Herb/Spice: Orange Zest, Lemon Zest, Marjoram, Tarragon, Fresh Dill, Fresh Sage, Coriander, Lemongrass, Ginger, Galangal, Shallot, Green Garlic, Green Onion, Chives, Nutmeg, Allspice. Vegetable: Leeks, Fennel, Green Olives, Capers, Cauliflower, Butternut Squash.

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