More Wine Less Whine 1

This journey has only just begun and believe me it’s been a journey. I’ve dabbled in the dentistry world in the IT world and even a restranteur but never left the pleasure of drinking wine to far behind in fact it’s been the one constant.

I can’t give any other explanation except that I love wine, it’s always fascinated me interested me, in ways nothing much else has, how it’s grown, the different soils, climates, positions of the vines the affect topography has on the grapes the differing times the grapes are picked and how it influences the differing tastes, different winemakers with different opinions, so many things that I’m only on the journey now to learn more.

My aim or maybe my goal or even more so my pleasure would be to see more people enjoying the fun of wine removing the boastfulness and self-promotion that has been affiliated or connected to wine and the industry, Wine is not a vehicle for egomania!

I’m a small time collector and very patriotic to our admirable south African wines (South Africa is the 8th biggest wine producer world-wide and produces about 4.1% of the world’s wine) which don’t get enough international recognition, not that that matters as we would probably lose more to the lucrative overseas markets, which brings me to some exceptional smaller/boutique producing vineyards that have so much to offer by way of quality and price and these are what I would like to bring to market through winendine.
You may be asking and the dine part, well that’s an additional offering where wine once again gets to showcase itself with food for people who would like us to come and prepare a wine/food pairing for any gathering we can sit down and arrange for your specific requirements.

Wine knows no boundaries it’s there to be shared with all for all occasions, my message is simple there’s no rationale there’s no penitence.

And so the journey gathers momentum and I’d be happy to share it all the way.

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